What to serve with chicken piccata for dinner of your family

Are you looking for the perfect side dish to accompany your delicious chicken piccata? Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just Sunday supper with your family, chicken piccata is an undeniable crowd-pleaser. To ensure that everything on your menu complements the flavor of this classic Italian dish, it’s important to choose appropriate sides to go along with it. From potatoes and pasta dishes to green vegetables and salad options – we’ve got plenty of flavorful accompaniments for you to explore! Keep reading for our guide on what to serve with chicken piccata.

What is chicken piccata?

Chicken piccata is a traditional Italian-American dish made with thinly sliced chicken breasts that are lightly dredged in flour and sautéed in olive oil and butter. The finished product is usually served with a lemon-butter sauce, capers, and parsley. This savory dish is commonly enjoyed as an appetizer or entrée. It can also be served over a bed of pasta or grains, depending on your preference.

A chicken piccata
A chicken piccata

What to serve with chicken piccata?

For knowing what to serve with chicken piccata that you follow here.

Vegetable-based Dishes To Serve With Chicken Piccata

Serve up some flavor-filled sides with your Chicken Piccata! Roast flavorful veggies, smash potatoes for a creamy texture, or sauté spinach and top it off with garlic cheese. If you’re feeling adventurous then make the Cheesy Artichoke Heart Gratin – sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Or go classic like Spiced Baby Carrots and Vegetable Tian – both are simple yet delicious recipes that will round out any meal perfectly.

Some Types Of Pastas And Salad To Serve Chicken Piccata

Tantalize your taste buds with creamy garlic parmesan orzo and roasted vegetables, angel hair pasta sprinkled with a cheesy herb medley, pesto-laced spaghetti topped off with freshly snipped basil leaves and more! Enjoy dinners featuring the traditional favorite of chicken piccata matched perfectly by crunchy coleslaw pasta salad bursting with flavor from feta cheese and sparkling beetroot. For an extra special addition, top it all off will a vibrant garden salad that is sure to please every palate in sight.

Main Dish To Go With Chicken Piccata

Turn up the culinary heat by adding some sizzle to your dinner plate. Serve a juicy grilled steak topped with porcini mushrooms for an extra-special main course. Or make it a surf-and-turf affair with succulent shrimp scampi, served alongside the classic chicken piccata. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try the classic Italian favorite of chicken cacciatore; a hearty meal packed with peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes. And for those who prefer the fishy side of things, opt for the seafood medley featuring salmon filets, stuffed clams and calamari rings.

Main Dish To Serve With Chicken Piccata
Main Dish To Serve With Chicken Piccata

The side dishes to serve with chicken piccata

It will depend on your taste and what flavors you are trying to achieve. With so many options you will be sure to find the perfect accompaniment for this classic Italian dish. Try out one of these side dishes for your next dinner party – we guarantee it won’t disappoint! Bon Appetit!

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What to serve with chicken piccata is the best?

When it comes to what to serve with chicken piccata, there is no one right answer. It all depends on your taste and the flavors you are trying to achieve. But some great options include roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, green salads and coleslaw. And don’t forget to top it all off with a delicious garlic parmesan orzo or spaghetti tossed with pesto. No matter what you choose, the options are endless! Enjoy your meal!

What is drink when eating chicken piccata?

Nothing makes a meal quite as special than the perfect pairing of chicken piccata and wine! Enjoy this classic dish accompanied by an array of amazing reds, whites, blushes or bubblies such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc & Gris. For those days that call for something extra festive- try a Primitivo with Champagne or Vermentino overtones -or surprise your palate with bolder options like Grenache and Malbec.

Tips for serving the perfect chicken piccata

When it comes to making a delicious chicken piccata, the key is in the details! Be sure to season your chicken with salt and pepper before cooking. When you’re ready to plate your dish, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice and sprinkle on some freshly chopped parsley for extra flavor. Finish by adding a drizzle of white wine, butter and capers over top to really bring out all the great flavors in this classic dish. Enjoy!

Tips to serve the perfect chicken piccata
Tips to serve the perfect chicken piccata

Conclusion: what to serve with chicken piccata

When it comes to a classic Italian dinner, chicken piccata is an undeniable favorite. So, what to serve with chicken piccata? With the right accompaniments and drinks, you can create a meal that will please your taste buds and leave lasting memories of a great night shared with friends and family. Don’t forget to season well, top off with lemon juice and parsley, and use the perfect wine pairing for a dinner you’ll never forget! Bon Appetit!

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What wine goes with chicken piccata?

Luscious Chardonnay, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc, bright Pinot Blanc and beautiful Rosé – these delightful wines create the perfect complement to a creamy Chicken Piccata. Boost your meal to divine heights with one of these glorious pairings!

What is the difference between chicken piccata and chicken piccata?

Francese and Piccata share a few similarities – both include chicken, flour, egg and butter. However, the cooking order of these ingredients is inverted in each dish! Additionally while Francese’s sauce is simply lemony-butter goodness, piccata takes it to another level with added capers for an extra tangy kick.

What does Giada chicken piccata serve?

Treat your friends and family to Giada’s delicious chicken piccata! A classic Italian twist on traditional fried chicken, it pairs perfectly with a side of spaghetti or sautéed veggies. Or if you’re in the mood for something creamy, mashed potatoes make an indulgent addition to this mouthwatering mealtime offering.

What is one serving of chicken piccata?

A cup of Chicken Piccata contains 389 calories – enough to make up a significant portion of your daily caloric intake. Full of flavor but not guilt, this hearty dish fulfills the % Daily Value for essential nutrients and is an ideal option for those looking to have their cake and eat it too!

Why is my chicken piccata bitter?

Lemon slices are a great way to bring subtle hints of sweetness and acidity to your piccata sauce, but make sure not to eat the rind – it can add more bitterness than flavor! If you find that your dish is coming out too bitter, check if the chicken has been browned for too long; an overly-browned outer layer could be adding an unpleasant taste.

Does chicken piccata reheat well?

Keep your chicken piccata deliciously fresh and flavorful with a simple storing process – simply store the dish in an airtight container, refrigerate for up to 4 days, then reheat either on the stove or in the microwave when it’s time to enjoy!

How long does chicken piccata last in the fridge?

Storing Leftover Chicken Piccata Pasta is a breeze! Simply pop it in an airtight container and you can enjoy the delicious flavors for up to five days. Don’t try freezing, though; this dish tastes best when freshly made or refrigerated shortly after cooking.

What can I use instead of capers in chicken piccata?

Give your dishes a salty, bitter kick with green olives! Perfect as an alternative to capers in sauces, casseroles, chicken piccata and salads – the acidity of green olives will bring any meal up another level.

What is the best white wine for chicken piccata?

Enjoy the flavors of summer with a classic chicken piccata and one of these perfect wine pairings! Bright, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally recommended to accompany the lemon and parsley in this dish. Pinot Grigio or Pinot Blanc offer crisp minerality for an interesting balance between savory elements, while Vinho Verde adds something unexpected but still affordable.

Can I freeze leftover chicken piccata?

Enjoy a delicious meal of chicken piccata for days – simply store the leftovers in an airtight container and pop it into the fridge. To make sure you can savor this scrumptious dish even longer, freeze up to 3 months; just thaw out when ready!

Why should you not reheat chicken in the microwave?

If you want to enjoy your chicken meal without the risk of unpleasant illnesses, make sure it is cooked thoroughly in a way that targets every part. Just be wary – microwaving may not provide adequate heat for complete bacterial elimination.

How do you keep chicken piccata warm before serving?

Lock in moisture and flavor by covering the pan with a lid to create an intense heat that will cook your chicken piccata to perfection. When it’s warm enough, enjoy the succulent taste of juicy goodness!

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